Wednesday, August 1, 2007

mtc madrid after a crazy long flight

hey i am going to try this whole email thing over again. the address here is different than the madrid mission one, so i don´t know what to do about all the people i told the address to. the address is:

Centro de Capacitación Misional
Calle del Templo, 2
28030 Madrid (España)

the mtc is amazing here. we are very structured as aposed to the loose and ever changing schedule of mtc provo. the flight was crazy. we transfered just fine in atlanta. we were sitting around when they called our names (mr. ott, mr. miller, and mr. silvers). we went up to the info desk at our gate, and they told the 3 of us that we were bumped up to business class, or first class. we were in denial, and just thought we would have some barely better seats. we were wrong. they greeted the three of us with drinks (orange juice and champagne) of course we chose the orange juice. our seats were the most luxourious plane seats ever. we could get them completely flat, or any other position imaginable. it was awesome. and there was 5 feet atleast between each row to allow for everyone to recline without interfering with the others. we thought that was amazing. and our seats were together. elder was next to elder silvers, david roots friend. i was next to an old grandma who spoke portuguese, spanish, and some english. it was interesting getting to know her, she was as nice as can be, and we had a great time. i took a picture of her, but she looks very angry. i will send it home eventually. she was awesome, and i told her what i was doing and what we teach for the two years living away from home. anyway, the seating got even better when they passed out menus, and we picked our 6 course meal. we even got to eat like high rollers! it was sooooooooooooooooooo awesome. we ate for the first 2 and a half hours of the flight at least. it was all so good, like for example my entre was cheese tortoleni with delicious sauce and chicken. all of the other courses were great to (starter, appetizer, salad, entre, cheese crackers and fruit, and then dessert a delicious sundae with all the fixins. it was soooooo tight. anyways for breakfast an hour before we got off our 8 hour flight we had cheese and egg quesidillas, which were also delicious. mom i suggest you try to make them. if i didn´t tell you my p day here will be thursday, and that is also the day we go to the temple. we are going tomorrow so i will tell you next week how amazing it is. around here there is only 6 sister missionaries, and about 30 elders i would guess. it is awesome. for exercise we are way free and we can even go to the shopping center. for p day we can go anywhere in sight of the angel moroni. on sundays we go on excursions, which just means we tour a few places in madrid. also the rooms are so nice and brand new, and the bathrooms are like perfect hotel bathrooms. it is amazing amazing amazing. the president and his wife a very nice. we are going to do service at 5, and that is every wednesday instead of gym. saturday we ride the metro to the park and go contact people for a few hours and then come back. anyway if you couldn´t tell i am excited, and very tired. i only slept a total of 2 hours maximum. and it is 5 45 here right now. they are letting us go to sleep at 7 though but we had to stay up this whole day which has been oh so hard. life is good, and i hope it is the same at home i will love to hear from you via letter. thank you very much for everything.

love you guys,

elder miller

p.s. i didn´t get elaborate with the punctuation like using ! marks cause the key boards are arranged the same, but have different ways to access more buttons... if that makes any sense

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Roberto J. said...

It'll probably blow your mind away that you got a comment from someone in Venezuela. I am writing because I have a friend in Madrid who is looking for the missionaries and just can't find a pair. I've given him the address of the mission office posted in your blog and the temple address. If there is further contact we would really love to know, you may find me here:ón:Rjgalindo clic on the editar link up top and leave a comment. Congratulations on your Elder Miller, he looks like a fine missionary.